WWF and the loggers in the Congo Basin

“For WWF, partnering with Indigenous Peoples is an essential part of our conservation work.” This sentence comes from WWF’s latest newsletter from its international forest and climate team. The article is written by Jolly Sassa Kiuka and Flory Botamba who work for WWF in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Leaked WWF report on the Baka in Cameroon: “Many cases of abuse and human rights violations are reported by the communities”

Earlier this week, Survival International announced that it has received a leaked copy of a 2015 WWF report into the impact of its conservation activities in Cameroon on the Baka indigenous peoples. WWF had previously denied the existence of the report.

How not to identify conservation priorities. An example from Peninsula Malaysia

A recent paper published in the academic journal Cogent Environmental Science presents the results of a multi-stakeholder exercise aimed at identifying conservation priorities in Peninsula Malaysia. The paper ranks 35 conservation priorities and according to the authors this list is, “expected to influence the work of policy-makers and others in Peninsula Malaysia and can be…

WWF’s Living Planet report is right to raise the alarm about loss of wildlife, but wrong to ignore indigenous people

Yesterday, WWF launched its Living Planet 2016 report. Predictably, it makes for grim reading. Wildlife populations are declining rapidly. The headline news is that the number of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians fell by 58% between 1970 and 2012. By 2020, the number of wild animals is on track to fall by…