What’s the difference? Protected areas versus indigenous rules

A new report released during the meeting of the Convention on Biodiversity in Cancun highlights the problems that protected areas have caused for indigenous peoples in Central America. The report also argues for an approach to conservation that recognises the the rights of local communities and indigenous peoples

Putting profit before people, climate and wildlife. Why the UK government is using aid money to back oil and gas drilling in protected areas in Africa

To address climate change we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground. While the UK government doesn’t quite go as far as acknowledging this obvious fact, it does claim to be working to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in low-carbon energy sources”.

How not to identify conservation priorities. An example from Peninsula Malaysia

A recent paper published in the academic journal Cogent Environmental Science presents the results of a multi-stakeholder exercise aimed at identifying conservation priorities in Peninsula Malaysia. The paper ranks 35 conservation priorities and according to the authors this list is, “expected to influence the work of policy-makers and others in Peninsula Malaysia and can be…