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[India] Action plan for Pampa conservation
The Hindu, 22 May 2017
A three-day symposium on ‘Pampa: Environment, Culture, and Governance’ organised by Mahatma Gandhi University has chalked out a seven-point action plan for conservation of the river.
The document, named Pampa Declaration, delineates a comprehensive plan to be implemented with the active involvement and support of the government and the public.

[India] I aim to conserve wildlife of the Eastern Ghats: Kantimahanti Murthy
By Sulogna Mehta, The Times of India, 22 May 2017
At a time when there’s an urgent need to conserve the environment and biodiversity from becoming extinct due to undue human intervention, a young wildlife conservationist from Vizag is tirelessly working towards conservation and protection of endangered wildlife in the Eastern Ghats through a community-based approach. He has also designed wildlife interpretation centres in several sanctuaries, zoos and national parks.

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