(English) Tanzania has scrapped Otterlo Business Corporation’s hunting tourism concession in Loliondo

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  1. Maybe it should be made clear that there has never been a 25-year contract with OBC. They first got an irregular 10-year contract that was revoked, and then they have kept renewing the hunting block with “normal” 5-year contracts, like any other hunting company. According to Kigwangalla, all hunting blocks will have to be re-issued through auction. Companies that have misbehaved will not get a new hunting block, and Kigwangalla has very clearly said that OBC will be gone before January 2018. Though nobody has seen any signs that the hunters would be packing, and the assistant director, maybe to wind me up, has told me that his employer isn’t going anywhere.

    Kigwangalla issued the warning letter with the wild claim about “200 tractors” on 19th October. He first went to Loliondo on 26th October, and hasn’t been saying that kind of thing after that.

    OBC’s executive director hasn’t been arrested, and I haven’t heard Kigwangalla ordering it. He did say that PCCB had to investigate the director, which I don’t know if they have started with. Regarding former ministers, the corruption allegations has been most loudly directed towards the one who recently defected to the opposition, and not those who most vociferously have supported OBC’s ideas about what should be done about Loliondo.

    The usual parts of the press started saying that Kigwangalla would have more or less allowed herders to enter cattle into Serengeti National Park, when what he did was to end the very illegal invasion with arson, beatings and illegal seizing of cattle by rangers on village land. Some leaders have said that they will work with Kigwangalla and not tolerate anyone bringing cattle into the national park.

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