GIZ comments on its support to Serengeti and Ngorongoro Districts, Tanzania

Last week, Conservation Watch wrote about the violence that has once again erupted against Maasai indigenous people in Loliondo, northern Tanzania. As a follow up to that post, I wrote to Johannes Schoeneberger, at GIZ the German aid agency, to ask some questions about the GIZ project Sustainable Management of…

What works? Protected areas, indigenous territories, and conservation concessions in Peru

“State-controlled protected areas (PAs) have dominated conservation strategies globally, yet their performance relative to other governance regimes is rarely assessed comprehensively. Furthermore, performance indicators of forest PAs are typically restricted to deforestation, although the extent of forest degradation is greater.”

“The Big Conservation Lie”: A presentation by Mordecai Ogada

“It’s a small book”, says Mordecai Ogada at the beginning of his presentation about the book he co-authored with award-winning Kenyan journalist John Mbaria. “But it’s a small book that I hope will gain some momentum of ideas in other people.” The book is “The Big Conservation Lie: The Untold…

What’s the difference? Protected areas versus indigenous rules

A new report released during the meeting of the Convention on Biodiversity in Cancun highlights the problems that protected areas have caused for indigenous peoples in Central America. The report also argues for an approach to conservation that recognises the the rights of local communities and indigenous peoples