Decolonizing Conservation: Two lectures by John Aini and Paige West

Paige West is the Claire Tow Professor of Anthropology at Barnard College and Columbia University. Since the 1990s she has worked with indigenous peoples in Papua New Guinea. John Aini is a marine environment advocate. In 1993, he set up the conservation group Ailan Awareness in Papua New Guinea’s New…

What works? Protected areas, indigenous territories, and conservation concessions in Peru

“State-controlled protected areas (PAs) have dominated conservation strategies globally, yet their performance relative to other governance regimes is rarely assessed comprehensively. Furthermore, performance indicators of forest PAs are typically restricted to deforestation, although the extent of forest degradation is greater.”

Open letter requesting that India’s Forest Rights Act is implemented and its integrity upheld

When India’s Forest Rights Act was passed in 2006, it was intended support the rights of communities to live in and from their forests. The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 legally recognised the right of communities to manage forests and their land.

Guest Post – Kelly Heber Dunning: Locally Managed Marine Protected Areas in Indonesia. Helping local people and ecosystems

Sitting on the edge of his traditional jukung boat smoking a cigarette and drinking his coffee is a man who used to make his living through dynamite fishing. That invoved throwing cheap bombs onto the coral reef. It’s an easy way of harvesting valuable species. He explained to me what…