(English) Eco-guards accused of torture and extrajudicial killing in the Republic of Congo

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  1. Dear Chris, as you and RF state these events need investigating. Accountability is clearly lacking and no one appears willing to step forward with a mea cupla. What concerns me somewhat is the impression of direct finger pointing at only one possible guilty party; in this case WCS. Whatever their culpability may turn out to be this article gives the impression that the French logging company Rougier has nothing to answer for despite the purported link between the eco-guards and their commercial logging concession. If we are to improve accountability then surely the complex contractual arrangements between the Government of Congo and all parties working in the area need an equal level of scrutiny.

  2. Thanks for this comment, Nick. I agree with you that all parties involved in this should be given an equal level of scrutiny. I certainly didn’t intend to give the impression that Rougier has nothing to answer for. RFUK’s press release states that,

    RFUK and its Congolese partners have written to the conservation organisations associated with these eco-guards, as well as Rougier and Congolese government agencies, urging them to investigate the case and take action to sanction the eco-guards responsible for these violations.

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