(English) Putting profit before people, climate and wildlife. Why the UK government is using aid money to back oil and gas drilling in protected areas in Africa

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  1. In Botswana, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) is no longer home to the Bushman (San, Basarwa…) – apart from a few given permits to live there, or employed by the safari lodge in which Ian Khama has shares. The UK’s Karoo has been given exploratory prospecting licenses.

    In 2012, 122 prospecting licenses for petroleum and methane gas were issued; but by 2013, 88 had been canceled or relinquished, most of those being in the CKGR, the government insisting that hydraulic fracking is not allowed in the exploratory phase. Petroleum license EL001-2012, covering the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (former Gemsbok National Park) in the south-west of the country, appears to have been issued in 2012; to this has now been added petroleum licence EL162-2015, which includes the southern half of the CKGR; and coal and coal-bed methane (CBM) licenses PL 159 and 160 covering 1500 sq km in the mid-eastern part of the CKGM.

    The Government ignores the risk of extreme environmental damage during exploration, let alone during the inevitable extraction.

    Here is the link to my map:

    The obliteration of the CKGR Bushman is a crime against humanity. DFID, the Conservatives, and Prince William, will continue to heap honours upon Dr. Ian Khama who has simply carried on the mandate of the administrations before him: Masire kicked first kicked the Bushman out and was then knighted; Mogae carried on with the crime and received the Mo Ibrahim Prize. As for Unpriti Patel… she is just saying what DFID has always done.

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